Midtown Manhattan. 2023.
Midtown Manhattan. 2023.

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Melbourne Street Photos on 35mm
Street photos made on 35mm film in my hometown.
Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne Street Photos
Vignettes from time spent on the streets of my hometown.
Melbourne CBD
Summer in the City
Summer scenes in New York City.
New York City
Between Two Koreas: The DMZ
This sequence, featuring photos taken in 2011, explores the duality represented by the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ). The series delves into the psychological tension and unresolved conflict that permeate this boundary. Each photograph invites viewers to confront the paradox of separation and unity, reflecting the ongoing journey toward individuation on both a personal and geopolitical level.
South Korea & North Korea border
Dreams and Desperation: The Paradox of Times Square
This ongoing project delves into the multifaceted identity of Times Square, an iconic symbol of New York City, the United States, and capitalism itselfโ€”a place where commerce, culture, and human aspiration converge.
Times Square, New York City
Harbor City Photos
Vignettes from the Harbor City
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo After Dark: Unveiling the Shadow
Tokyo After Dark: Unveiling the Shadow employs Jungian psychology as a framework to explore the city's nocturnal psyche. Tokyo, renowned for its vibrant energy, undergoes a profound transformation as night falls, revealing layers of human experience often obscured by daylight.
Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ni-chลme, Shibuya, and Akihabara
American Backyard: Photographs of Central Park
In this ongoing project, I explore Central Park as a sanctuary within the cityscape, focusing on its natural beauty, wildlife, and seasonal transformations. I examine how these elements resonate with both locals and visitors through archetypal themes and the collective unconscious.
Central Park, New York City
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