From a Jungian perspective, eyes symbolize conscious awareness and the unconscious psyche—the "inner eye" that perceives beyond the surface. The eye patch, masking injured or "blind" eyes, invokes themes of shadow integration and self-exploration, reflecting resilience and vulnerability within urban settings.
Incorporating spiritual symbols like bindis, representing the third eye, adds layers of meaning—signifying spiritual insight and intuition. This juxtaposition with eye patches explores the interplay between physical vision and inner perception, highlighting the quest for self-understanding and identity layers shaping human experience.
This sequence explores how the visibility or concealment of eyes—whether patched or adorned—narrates stories of adaptation, resilience, and the evolving journey towards self-awareness. Against everyday life's backdrop, the series offers a visual narrative resonating with inner transformation and the interplay between light and shadow in the human psyche.
5th Avenue. New York City. 2022.
5th Avenue. New York City. 2022.

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