This series documents intimate acts—such as removing obstructions, inspecting dental anomalies, manipulating facial features, and even popping pimples—that are typically confined to private or clinical settings, now captured candidly in public. This juxtaposition imbues these actions with a unique blend of intimacy and exposure, challenging our understanding of personal boundaries and societal norms.
From a psychological perspective, these images explore dynamics of care, trust, and the breach of personal boundaries. They reveal a fundamental human need for connection and assistance, where private moments become public, prompting a critical examination of societal norms surrounding personal space and the public display of intimacy.
Ultimately, this project serves as a visual and psychological exploration of human vulnerability and the paradox of private behaviors in public settings. It invites viewers to reconsider their perceptions of privacy, intimacy, and the human body in shared environments, offering a nuanced commentary on the complex interplay between personal and public realms.
Melbourne CBD. 2023.
Melbourne CBD. 2023.

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