Adam Inglis

Adam Inglis is a street and documentary photographer from Australia. He is currently based in New York City, which he has been chronicling since 2014, and Melbourne, where he spends about three months each year. In his photography, Adam not only visualizes others but also shares his own journey of self-discovery. His work often showcases places he has visited or lived in, documenting space, human behavior, culture, and shared history.

Adam’s artistic vision is shaped by a deep fascination with Jungian psychology, particularly the concepts of archetypes, myths, and symbology. Through a Jungian lens, Adam introduces a new perspective on the construction and disruption of identity. Functional psychological motifs and symbols are often explored as a framework to achieve this goal.

Adam holds a Bachelor’s degree in media studies and a Master’s in journalism. His studies involved an in-depth exploration of the social and cultural factors involved in image creation, publication, presentation, and transmission. Throughout his academic journey, Adam’s special interest was in the ethical dimensions of photojournalism — and this subsequently led to a discovery of and an interest in street photography. His thinking on visual culture has been influenced by academics like Susie Linfield, Barbie Zelizer, and Fred Ritchin.

Adam draws inspiration from photographers like Garry Winnogrand, Robert Frank, Martin Parr, Chris Killip, Tod Papageorgerge, and Diane Arbus — all of whom have impacted his visual language, thinking, and work.

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