Australian-born—NYC-based user experience and interface designer currently working remotely in cyberspace.

Here's what you
can expect from me
as a designer:

  • Visual prototyping, wireframing, and user flow/journey fluency.

  • Empathy and curiosity about users coupled with a passion for improving people’s lives through design.

  • A deep interest in how brands and organizations navigate innovation and design.

  • A willingness to experiment with new approaches and gather insights along the journey of a product.

  • Dexterity and fluency with digital and all its pervasive ways. 

  • Nine years of experience using technology and digital methods to uncover hidden audience needs.

  • A strong foundation in quantitative and qualitative research methods — and contextual inquiry — that has been further developed through the integration of digital methods and academic rigor.

And when I'm not
thinking about
design, I'm —

  • Making and viewing pictures. I picked up my first camera in a high school photography class. Rarely do I leave the house without one. I also like to make time each week to discover and view new and old work by contemporary visual artists.

  • Planting/growing/cooking/sewing/building/fixing/thrift-flipping-and-crate-digging/DIYing something. 

  • Going walkabout somewhere: hiking, walking, kayaking, cycling, camping, traveling, snorkeling, exploring, talking to the locals, discovering something new. 

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