Adam's work explores human interaction, the dynamics of our environment, and the connections we form within it.
His perspective is deeply influenced by an ongoing fascination with memory and Jungian psychology, blending archetype, myth, and identity to offer a personal critique of contemporary society and culture. 
This exploration manifests in diverse ways: sometimes, his work delves into the absurd, humorous, grotesque, and chaotic elements of the collective unconscious—invoking archetypes such as the trickster. Other times, it adopts a more romantic or aesthetic approach to visualizing the world. His pictures ultimately reflect his own unconscious, shadow, ego, and various personas.
Through this multifaceted lens, Adam's work invites viewers to reflect on the complexities of human experience and the underlying forces that shape our own perceptions and interactions.
Group Exhibitions

Street Beats 2023
Wolfhound Gallery, Fitzroy (Melbourne), Victoria, Australia. February 22nd-March 19th. 2023.
Brave New World 2023 — 
Comber Street Studios, Paddington (Sydney), New South Wales, Australia. March 24-26th 2023.

Adam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies and a Master of Arts in Journalism with a thesis examining visual culture
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